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Driving the company to be a ‘People Business’

Driving the company to be a ‘People Business’

Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited believes that ‘people’ are the key factor in their business

IFM Correspondent

November 28, 2016: Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited is the country’s first life insurance company. It was founded 74 years ago. In 2014, the company altered its vision, mission and core values to become a cutting-edge business, driving the company to be a ‘People Business’. People Business stands for a business that focuses on ‘people’ or those who share mutual benefits both direct and indirect. In this regard, the company’s vision is to be the leading organisation that inspires many lives.

Nowadays, the trend is to focus on technology and innovation. But, Thai Life Insurance believes that ‘people’ are the key factor in the life insurance business. The company aims to develop and inspire all personnel to focus on the needs of customers, including the society by giving back to the community.

Thai Life Insurance focuses on the importance of people, which is reflected in its corporate culture, which is influenced by the thoughtfulness and generosity of Thai culture. The team at Thai Life Insurance works on the principles of ‘Care, Compassion, and Trustworthiness’.

Care – Thai Life Insurance personnel are intelligent and thoughtful, understand customer needs thoroughly and are able to serve them better. The company’s life insurance agents have knowledge of its products and customer needs. They are good consultants and can be trusted.

Compassion – The company is sincere to its customers and employees. All personnel are friendly, generous and helpful.

Trustworthiness – The company aims to be trustworthy and strives to offer services apart from life insurance. Its ‘Signature Service’ reflects the value that the company attaches to life by providing services such as Thai Life Insurance Hotline, 24/7 Emergency Medical Services and patient transportation service for free, Thai Life Insurance Hot Claim, Rapid Indemnity pay consideration within one day for public hazard and Thai Life Insurance Smart Claim — daily 24-hour fax claim service for all networking hospitals.

Its agents act as partners to their clients in every situation. They are optimistic, passionate, provide insightful expertise and have a realistic vision. Agents make the clients feel like a part of the Thai Life Insurance family and ensure that they have a good experience.

The personnel of Thai Life Insurance are professionals, morally upright and ethical. The company is conscious about giving back to the society, as well as discharging its corporate social responsibilities.

The Human Resource department of Thai Life Insurance works on the Oriental style of management based on the ‘Four sublime states of mind’, which are Loving-kindness - the need to make others happy; Compassion - the need to help others and free them from suffering; Empathetic joy – delighting in the achievements of others; and Equanimity - to manage all processes fairly.

Thai Life Insurance also focuses on its personnel as they believe that they are a key resource of the organisation. Therefore, they aim to improve the potential of their personnel continuously while paying them fairly. The company has several offers welfare measures for its employees. That the employees of the organisation are satisfied is proven by the low rate of employee turnover.

By focusing on people and developing the potential of personnel, Thai Life Insurance has become an iconic brand. It has succeeded in inspiring others and has become an integral part of the society. The company has come up with a new slogan to reflect its brand and show how their personnel touch the lives of every citizen of the country.

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